Interview w/ Ethyène

Everyone has an Ethyène record in their library, deep house grooves and disco cut’s are this mans forte. Hailing from Lyon, the French mastero has signed with a wealth of highly established record labels; Better Listen, Kolour LTD & the infamous New York label Nervous Records more recently. On top of this he’s the boss man of Moonrise Hill Material alongside good friends Folamour, Kaffe Crème & Saint Paul as well as running his own adventure, Wool Fabric International.

The man himself was kind enough to take time out his busy schedule to have a chat with us.

Hi Ethyène, welcome to Paradiso! How’s this year been treating you? 

Hey ! Thank you for having me… Well not too bad so far, I’ve been able to play in lots of new places and I am releasing a new EP this early summer. I can’t complain.

I also got back to a regular job which clearly healed my mind!

Is there a stand-out record/artist or moment from your youth you can think of that influenced your sound? 

 I grew up in the late 90’s early 2000’s listening to a lot of Hip-Hop so I’d say I’ve been influenced by producers from this era like Dj Premier, Madlib in the US, Dj Mehdi, Fred Le Magicien in France for example… That’s how I got into oldies, rarities, black music… and sampling. I also had a long long long period listening to French house like Roulé, Crydamoure … So when I realized hip-hop producers and house producers were kind of doing the same thing I knew this was something I needed to try myself!


What sort of music do you listen to during your down-time? Is it vastly different to the disco-infused deep house you’re usually making or is it something different? Does any of this play influence in your own work? 

 I listen to tons of different stuff, from old library music to modern soul through recent French hip-hop and Oasis ! I don’t listen that much to disco-house except when I’m digging for future sets… But I listen to a lot of deep house - during the week you can be sure I’ll have listened to some Larry Heard or Theo Parrish for example.

Yes it definitely influences the way I work as I’m always looking for samples and new sounds, I’d say discovering labels like Bruton, De Wolfe Music, KPM clearly like 4/5 years ago also clearly changed the way I’m producing.


What does your studio look like? Are you hoarder of hardware or do like to keep things simplistic? 

 You can’t do more basic man! One desk, one laptop, one midi keyboard, one pair of headphones and that’s it! I also have the Reface CP from Yamaha that I use sometimes… I bought some gear a couple of years ago but wasn’t using it so I sold everything!

If you didn’t happen to fall into music, would there be any other hobby/occupation you’d be pursuing in your spare time? 

 Well I love clothing, street food and starting projects so why not trying to launch a street food company and do cool t-shirts/hoodies to promote it ! If you don’t already know them check Paperboy Paris, this is the kind of stuff that I’d love to do! 

France has always seemed to consistently produce amazing artists; Yourself, Folamour and Bellaire are few names of more recent years. Is there any special up and coming artists rising in France you think deserve more recognition? 

Thank you for the kind words ! I really like Madcat’s sound and approach ! Marc Bianco is also one great talented musician who deserves way more recognition…



We wholly love your latest release with the huge New York imprint, Nervous. Signing with such a historic and influential house music label must be a proud moment. Looking back on your career so far what are some memorable milestones you recall?

Thank you once again ! Yes that’s cool ! But I’m not someone who’s really proud or happy with things… At least with music things… I’m happy when I see my grandmother in good health or when I see my family for Christmas ! Could sound a bit sad or delusional but I feel like I’m always running after something I’ll never get… I think I’ll be good as far as I’ll keep running ! But if I should pick some good memories it would be from parties with friends, like the one I had in Washington DC with St-Paul & Martin Miguel (from Better Listen) a year ago or meeting the Kyoku guys in Melbourne in May.


 What’s the last album you listened to?

Embrya from Maxwell a must have classic for me that I always listen to when I have long plane rides ! I also re-listened a lot to PNL’s album Dans La Légende these past weeks.

Maxwell - Embrya (Full Album)

PNL - Dans La Légende (Full Album)

 Any exciting plans for the rest of the year? 


Thanks Ethyène!

A very talented and humble man, huge thank you to Ethyène for taking some time out to chat with us.